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Stage Lights: how I hate lighting rigs; heavy, cumbersome and make no noise at all! However if you must have them I run 8 Par 56 cans on two bars from a lighting desk with me at the back of the hall. I mix the lights as well as the sound, but am happy to let one of your mates do it if they wish.

Practical things: I will need 3 x 13amp sockets on the stage to run one Line 50 Concert system, monitors, lights and leave enough for the band backline. And 4 x 13 sockets if we are running both Line 50 systems. I shall need 1 x 13amp supply somewhere near the desk at the back of the hall. I have plenty of long extensions and can work from 32amp or 63amp supplies.


Access: I don’t do stairs, and I’m not very keen on lifts either!  My prices are for me working solo, if we have an access problem and I need to bring someone with me I will have to charge for them.



Contact Details: Brian Hawthorn 07774 976080 email: