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Front of House: The two dB Technologies Line 50 Concert speaker systems as described.

dBTechnologies – Concert Line 50 series - Main specs:-
FL10 Passive
FL15 3-Amp Active
FL18 Active

: Four separate monitor mixes run to the stage and are driven by QSC amps.


The desk: 35metres away at the other end of the multicore is my Soundcraft Spirit 24:4:2 desk.


The outboard: all kinds of things to make the sound clean, mostly Behringer –

2 x Twin 31 band graphics – one for Front of House, the other for problem instruments like violins, acoustic guitars, Indian instruments and castanets!
8 x electronic gates – to isolate the drum sounds
2 x compressor/limiters – to smooth the drum peaks and troughs
4 x feedback destroyers – to stop stage monitors feeding back
2 x vocal multi-effect units – to add a variety of effects to your voice
CD player/MD player – for walk in/out music and recordings

Microphones: SM 58s for the voices, SM 57s for the instruments, Sennheiser clips for the drums and AKG D112 for the kick.



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